Sunday 28 December 2014

Stamping: Emily de Molly EDM09 and some sharpie pens!

Boxing Day was a nice quiet day, no work to do, all up to date on housework so I spent a rather indulgent afternoon trying out a few idea on my nails.
I've seen quite a lot of pictures and posts recently of stamping over nude nails and lead lighting so I thought maybe I'd have a little play.
My really nude nails are too yellow to do anything with so I painted a couple of coats of Leighton Denny Stunning as a base. Unfortunately I don't find this polish opaque enough to cover much on my nails, so I didn't even bother to take a picture, but at least it gave a nice base to work with.
I stamped an image from Emily de Molly EDM09 using A England Lancelot. I have to say that didn't do a lot for me either, I think I'd need to use a nice opaque nude like Nails Inc Porchester Square to carry off that sort of stamping but I'll include the picture anyway so you can see.
So having established that stamping over bare nails is definitely not for me I set about having some fun.
I don't have any lead lighting polishes, but I do have a lovely set of 24 Sharpies (a secret stash that my children don't know about or I'd never see them again!)
I coloured the central part of the image in blue, next round in purple and the rest in 2 similar shades of deep pink. I started dotting the ink gently, although some of the pens seemed OK for actual strokes of the tip. Once I'd coloured most of the nail I sprayed them lightly with hairspray and top coated them.
I had forgotten that some of the Sharpies are neon, not sure which ones and it wasn't obvious when I was using them but either the hairspray or the top coat brought out the neon-ness and all of a sudden they were way brighter!!
As this afternoon was all about fun and experimenting I then added a coat of Above the Curve LeeLoo which is a holo topcoat in a slightly pinkish base. Obviously this mani does not show LeeLoo off to its best but it was nice addition as it softened the overall look and I think the final result is pretty.
A productive afternoon and the feedback for the pics on Instagram has been very positive, so I'll be trying some more of these mani's and giving some serious consideration to acquiring some proper lead light polishes, although I do like the controllability of my Sharpies.
EDM09 over nearly nude nails
EDM09 coloured with Sharpies
EDM09 coloured with Sharpies,
and Above the Curve LeeLoo holo topcoat

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  1. Oh my wowzers! This looks absolutely amazing, Debbie! I love all the versions of this! Even on the nude nail look it looks stunning. The end result is just amazing :) I love your sharpie skills! xx