Saturday 27 December 2014

Mini Hot Water Bottle Covers

I was doing some idle surfing a few weeks ago and came across this cute mini hot water bottle cover that Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch was making. She promised to be releasing the pattern soon, so I ordered some of the hot water bottles from the Amazon link she had shared and stalked her blog until she released the pattern.
I hadn't done any knitted presents this year but I thought these little cuties would be great for my nieces, and it occurred to me that once they saw them, my two children would want one too.
They were pretty easy to make, by the fourth one I was just whizzing along! I didn't master the cast-on that Sarah suggested, I need to go back and look at that again but at least I know it exists, so it's something I can go back to.
I didn't use the wool suggested, just some oddments from my stash and few balls of wool I picked up really cheaply in the Deramores sale. I tried to choose similar wool to Sarah's for 3 of them, but went for a bit of a Jack Wills tie-in with the one I did for my daughter and that was the first thing she said when she opened it - "Hey, Jack Wills" so I think that was a result!
My son and nieces loved theirs too so I am glad I did these although I was knitting right up to the very last minute!
Mini Hot Water Bottle Covers 

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