Thursday 15 January 2015

A2Z Series - J is for Jewel

It is Thursday again and time for the next letter - this week it is J is for Jewel.
I had decided what I was going to do for this week and then lying awake one night I suddenly wanted to do green amber instead. I think amber in general is fascinating, but I am not a lover of yellow or orange, so when I discovered green amber it was love at first sight. I couldn't wait to double check that it is actually a jewel so I could use it for this week's challenge. A quick google search told me "amber is a jewel quality fossilized resin"
Other than stamping, the other nail art technique that I discovered and really enjoyed most in 2014 was the saran wrap mani and I was pretty certain I could do something green and pretty using that technique.
I decided to start with a dark base, so I painted my nails with A England Lady of Shalott (I know its blue but it's mostly covered up and I wanted to wear it yesterday on its own).
This morning I blobbed A England Dragon onto my nails and moved it around with the saran wrap. I then added a few more much tinier blobs of A England Holy Grail, just to add a bit of golden warmth and saran wrapped that too. Top coat and done - 5 minute mani.
This turned out pretty much as I planned and I love them! I know they are a bit darker than green amber, but I like the dark base showing through and I just love that marbled finish. The fact that the 2 A Englands are holographic and sparkle delicately just adds to the prettiness of this, I think so anyway :)
 J is for Jewel - green amber

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