Thursday 1 January 2015

Stamping! Born Pretty 02 with ATC Moon Dance

Today I have been stamping again. It didn't work out exactly as I'd planned but I am still quite happy with it. Although I've experimented before, I wanted to try stamping with 2 colours so I chose Above the Curve This One's for My Peeps and Caty Perry-winkle, a pink holo and a blue one, both quite pale colours and quite opaque so I thought they'd work well over Above the Curve Moon Dance that I was wearing from last night. I decided to try a very pretty lacy pattern on one of my Born Pretty Plates, BP02. These plates are really good value and despite the long wait for them to arrive I am really pleased I got them. 
The plan was to do half the image in pink and half in blue, and allow any merging of the colors to happen but although the polishes are opaque enough to stamp with, the colour has not really come through so the whole nail looks the same. Not the end of the world, the image stamped well and the design is pretty, so although I could see my plan had failed I kept going just in case the top coat helped the colours out. It didn't, but the stamps I did on paper worked so I think I was just a bit too optimistic stamping over such a dark colour. Note to self - things to try next - pale colours over white, not nearly black and stronger colours over a dark base.
The piece of paper where I wipe the scraper between scrapings looks really pretty with the pink and blue wipings :)
I could pretend that I'd just used one colour and that it all worked out perfectly but you never know - this might be a useful note to anyone else thinking about trying this. I still consider myself to be very new to stamping, still have heaps to learn and my blog is about what I did and why, so you get it all -successes and failures.
I don't consider this a failure, it is a lesson learned and luckily I still have a very pretty pattern stamped over last nights stunning glitter, the glitters still peeping out between the stamped image and I really like the end result!
As usual where I really like a mani, heaps of pictures. There was no sunshine today but I have a mix of daylight, LED and flash pics.
BP02 stapmed over Above the Curve Moon Dance

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