Friday 30 January 2015

Stamping! Blue roses and stripes

Yesterday was the A2Z challenge, and I did black and white stripes. Later in the day I was looking at my nails and I thought - blue roses - that's what I need on these, and then I thought I'd probably need some green too.
I didn't want the whole nail covered so I used one of my Moyou London Mother Nature full image plates and picked up a stamper head full of leaves with Mentality Green Opaque. Then I just pressed the tip of my nail onto the edge of the image, and actually got 3 or 4 nails out of each stamp as I wasn't too particular about the actual image or placement. I then did the same with Mentality Blue Opaque and a stamper head of roses, just picking up 2 or 3 roses for each nail. It was all a bit hit and miss but I think the overall effect is really pretty.
I struggled a bit with photos. The light wasn't great so the pictures are not the best.
I wasn't entirely sure where the idea for this came from but when my daughter came home she took one look and said, I had a dress like that! Of course she did, a lovely T-shirt style dress, black and white stripes with blue roses on!
I took a quick pic of this mani with a matte finish too - think this might be one where the glossy finish was better, but I love it anyway.
Blue roses and stripes

Blue roses and stripes - matte


  1. This is such a cute manicure, I love the roses against the stripes, very eye catching :) xx

    1. thank you :) I really liked the addition of the roses xx